That’s why we have specialized ourselves in liability and insurance law. With a focus on:

  • – Construction and real estate
  • – Professional liability
  • – Business risks
  • – Industrial risks

We help you with the right shoes on to prevent claims and – in case they would occur – to handle them correctly. We offer tailor made services to large companies, SME, insurance companies, liberal professions, shareholders … to everyone whom may be confronted with any form of liability.

” Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world “Marilyn Monroe


Plain language

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Together we represent more than 60 years of experience in claims-expertise: to prevent, to investigate and to defend.
We can help you with the whole package or just with the elements you need:
– coverage
– prevention
– forensic investigation
– technical investigation
– material and economic damage
– practical solutions
– legal assistance

Litiguard is the merger of the words litigation (lawsuit, legal proceedings) and guard (protector, defender).We like to keep it clear and plain

We are here to assist you



We prefer doing to talking (except in court), we take the bull by the horns and give you clear and practical advice. Personal, to the point and in plain language. Any questions? Feel free to call or to drop by.

A strong and driven team of attorneys, specialists in liability risks in a variety of sectors: liberal professions, construction, medical sector, industry, insurance, IT & data …

Stronger together


Partner of NILS, a network of boutique law firms which allows us to offer you a multidisciplinary service.

Member of Pangea Net, a worldwide network of independent law firms. Enabling us to assist you perfectly in case of cross-border liability.

Pro bono legal partner of Plan Belgium, a NGO member of the international Plan-organization. Since 1983 they work with and for the most vulnerable children and their communities in the South. They fight against poverty, injustice and inequality.



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